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So for those unfamiliar with the situation: Grace Helbig is a brilliant online video creator and could until recently be found at the DailyGrace channel.

But that channel, and all the videos on it, were not owned by Grace. They were owned by a company, My Damn Channel.

Now, in order to have ownership and control over her stuff, she has to leave the channel that she built up to 2.5 million subscribers and start over on YouTube. 

But her viewers—and the YouTube community at large—has rallied around Grace as a creator: Her new channel already has over 230,000 subscribers (JOIN US). This is Tim’s real sister.

Meanwhile, the DailyGrace channel, which will now feature reruns of old Grace videos for which she will be (I assume) paid nothing, has lost more than 100,000 subscribers in the past week. This is Tim’s corporate entity sister.

Here’s the lesson: Many corporations think that by owning YouTube channels, they’ll have something valuable. But the value is not in the channel or in the number of subscribers. On YouTube, despite the corporatization of everything, the value is in people.

I’m not a DailyGrace fan. I’m a Grace Helbig fan. And at least on YouTube, the individual still has more power than the corporation. 

That’s worth celebrating. 

p.s. Subscribe to Grace! (The person, not the corporate entity.)

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